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The mission of the West Point Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret historically significant artifacts pertaining to the United States Military Academy, United States Army and the Profession of Arms. The Museum will supplement cadet academic, cultural and military instruction and provide educational programs and services for military and civilian personnel. As a public institution, the museum stimulates interest in the United States Military Academy, the United States Army and the Military profession.


West Point Museum


West Point Museum


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Collection Items

30 Pounder Parrott Rifle, Model 1861
This Parrott Rifle, now on Trophy Point, was made at the West Point Foundry, Cold Spring, New York in 1863. It was mounted on Morris Island, South Carolina in January, 1864 during the siege of Charleston. Unlike many other Parrott rifles, this one…

Medal of Honor
First Medal of Honor, Awarded to Private Jacob Parrott on March 25, 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln

George A. Woodruff, 1st Lieutenant Light Company I, U. S. Artillery (USMA June 1861)
Portrait engraving of George A. Woodruff, 1st Lieutenant Light Company I, U. S. Artillery (after photograph by Mathew Brady)

Colt Model 1861 Navy Revolver, Cal .36 of George A. Woodruff (USMA June 1861)
This revolver was used by First Lieutenant George Augustus Woodruff (USMA June, 1861) when he was mortally wounded on July 3, 1863 at the height of Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg

Letter of Donation from Arthur H. Burnham (USMA 1864) to Superintendent, USMA, October 21, 1865
Letter pertaining to transportation receipts and descriptions of torpedoes sent to West Point.

Letter of Donation from Peter S. Michie (USMA 1863) to General George Cullum, Superintendent USMA, August 28, 1865
Letter from Peter Michie to USMA Superintendent George W. Cullum with a list and descriptions of torpedoes to be sent to West Point

Confederate Torpedo
This keg torpedo was set off by contact. Although this
example was captured in Light House Inlet, near
Morris Island in August 1863, this type was also used
as land mines in front of Battery Wagner

Gift of Lieutenant Commander George Bacon,…

Henry W. Halleck
Portrait of Henry Wager Halleck

Major General George Cullum, USMA Superintendent 1864 – 1866, 1863
Portrait of USMA Superintendent Brigadier General George W. Cullum
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