Tiny Art Show Program 2022 Winners

Chris and Hannah.jpg

United States Military Academy Library Director Chris Barth pictured with Hannah S., the winner of the 2022 Tiny Art Competition in the Inspired by West Point category.

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United States Military Academy Library Director Chris Barth pictured with Ashley L., the 2022 Tiny Art Show Winner in the General Art Show category. 

Popolopen Sunrise,.jpg

Hannah S.

Popolopen Sunrise

2022, Inspired by West Point Winner!

Hannah S. Artist Statement

Creating things was one of the good things to come out of the COVID lockdown at West Point. All that time in my room and in virtual classes gave me lots of time to play with new mediums and skills, and intermittent art projects have been an escape for me ever since. Since it’s my last year here, I’m trying to appreciate the beautiful things I’ve taken for granted, like the scenery I usually ignore when I’m rushing to class. It turns out, Camp Buckner can be really pretty when you’re not there for summer training (just don’t tell the Commandant)!

Koi Fish Blub Blub.jpg

Ashley L.

Koi Fish Blub Blub

2022, General Art Show Winner!

Ashley L. Artist Statement

When I first heard of the Tiny Art Show, I was excited because art is a wonderful way for people to relax while creating something beautiful. The concept was very cool because we had the creativity to put whatever we’d like on a small square canvas, and it was welcoming to everyone. When I painted, I reflected and realized the art classes that students had to take in elementary school were always meaningful to me and will always have a significant impact in how art takes in many forms. The inspiration to draw a fish was how streaky and beautiful a Koi fish was. I send a lot of thanks to the tutorial (Joni Young Art) that taught me how to paint the fish because I was able to learn more about blending colors and adding colors that are not conspicuous but are essential to the art piece. I was not able to exactly follow the tutorial, so that is why the colors are different and the output was changed, but I still found it nice and was proud of my work. As for my fish experience, my family used to have a lot of guppies, ghost shrimp, and snails. That is it. I appreciate the Tiny Art Show and seeing how different people approached this is wonderful. I was able to see many different art styles, and even comedic ones. It shows a lens that we were not expecting to see.

Tiny Art Show Program 2022 Winners