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Michie Stadium was built in 1924. In 1962, stands were added on the Lusk Reservoir side. This photo shows the addition of upper stands in 1969. The original 1924 architects, Osborn Engineering (Ohio) designed the 1923 Yankee Stadium and 1934…

The first completely new barracks at West Point in about a half-century, considerable work needed to be done on the site to make room for footprint. Over 160,000 pieces of granite were used. It is named for Air Force General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.,…

Jefferson Hall is the 3rd building built at West Point to be a library. The first was in 1841 and the second, now part of Bartlett Hall, was completed in 1964. Before the 1840s, the library was in a converted house and then in the 1815 Academy, which…

Expensive and two years behind schedule, Mahan Hall was a necessary academic-focused project given the 2,000 Cadet increase in the Corps during the 1960s. The site selection on a rocky, steep slope challenged the construction team.

Until a name was chosen, this building was called “C Barracks” in planning documents and what became MacArthur Barracks was “D Barracks.”

Converting the Riding Hall to the academic Thayer Hall led to the conversion of the original curved roof (first image) to a flat surface designed to hold a new parking lot (second image).

Although the cornerstone says 1837, the Old Cadet Chapel, the Academy’s first building solely dedicated to the purpose, was completed in 1836 on a site now occupied by Bartlett Hall. In 1910, it was moved stone-by-stone to the Cemetery when the space…

Workers lay the foundation walls of a new academic building now known as Bartlett Hall. Across the street was the West Academic Building, now Pershing Barracks. Because grades were reported in tenths, the road between the two structures was sometimes…

Cram, Goodhue, & Ferguson, Architects

Thayer Hall was the riding hall until the 1940s. As seen here, the walls on the Hudson River side were built while existing horse stables were still being used. The 1850s riding hall was just a few yards south of this location.
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