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AccNo08980 - General PGT Beauregard (SUPT USMA 1861) by Charles Rosen, c. 1912.jpg
Portrait of USMA Superintendent P. G. T. Beauregard

Portrait of Brevet Major General Richard Delafield

Portrait of Robert Anderson

Portrait of Joseph G. Totten

AccNo08983 - LTC Alexander Hamilton Bowman by George C. Eichbaum, c. 1850.jpg
Portrait of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton Bowman (USMA 1825; Superintendent, USMA, March 1, 1861 - July 8, 1864)

Portrait of Robert E. Lee Robert E Lee (1807-1870) in civilian dress in 1850 or 1851, and depicts Lee in the uniform of a USMA professor. .Portrait is attributed to A. Louvrie, c.1870. The painting is based on a photograph by Mathew Brady. Lee was…

AccNo08986 - Major General George Cullum (SUPT 1864 - 1866) by Eliot Gregory 1863 (cropped).jpg
Portrait of USMA Superintendent Brigadier General George W. Cullum

Portrait of Henry Wager Halleck

Torpedo 2 (002).jpg
This keg torpedo was set off by contact. Although this
example was captured in Light House Inlet, near
Morris Island in August 1863, this type was also used
as land mines in front of Battery Wagner

Gift of Lieutenant Commander George Bacon,…
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