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Thayer Hall was the riding hall until the 1940s. As seen here, the walls on the Hudson River side were built while existing horse stables were still being used. The 1850s riding hall was just a few yards south of this location.

Portrait of Robert Anderson

Portrait of Robert E. Lee Robert E Lee (1807-1870) in civilian dress in 1850 or 1851, and depicts Lee in the uniform of a USMA professor. .Portrait is attributed to A. Louvrie, c.1870. The painting is based on a photograph by Mathew Brady. Lee was…

Engine seized at Big Shanty, GA by a detachment from General Mitchell's force

Orlando Poe Collection0176.jpg
Interior view of Fort Sumter after it is surrendered to the Confederates, the siege begins the American Civil War

George Barnard stereograph showing the spot where Major-General William McPherson was killed on July 22nd, 1864

Orlando Poe Collection0030.jpg
Images of Lookout Mountain where the Battle of Lookout Mountain took place, November 24, 1863

Orlando Poe CollectionGeorgeThomas_staff.jpg
General George Thomas and Staff at top of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee. (From left to right: General John H. King, General George H. Thomas, General Zealous B. Tower, General James Lowry Donaldson, General John M. Brannan, Dr. John…
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