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Cram, Goodhue, & Ferguson, Architects

William P. Dixon, Cadet Oath of Allegiance

The 1838 Academy was torn down in 1891 and a new structure built on essentially the same footprint. This is work on the foundation of what is now named Pershing Barracks. It was completed, behind schedule and over-budget, in 1895. The stone used was…

The poop deck of the current Cadet Mess in Washington Hall is the original 1929 front of the building. A major expansion began in 1965 with a new façade, extra dining space, and new barracks.

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War Department Special Orders No. 19 of January 25th 1861 revoking Special Orders No. 238- Adjutant Generals’ Office of November 8, 1860 appointing me Superintendent of the Military Academy. I transfer back this day the said Superintendentancy and…

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Stereograph of location where General McPherson died during the Civil War

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City Hall in Atlanta, Georgia with Union forces constructed huts constructed of their own shelter-half tenets combined with lumber, windows, and doors

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View looking east where the battle of July 22, 1864 began
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