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This High Victorian Gothic headquarters was located where the south end of Bartlett Hall is today. Harney was active in Newburgh, Cold Spring, and later New York City. This building housed the Superintendent’s office and other key administrative…

The completed building as photographed by a member of the faculty, 2LT John Pitman

Now Taylor Hall, the Administration Building was constructed as part of a major building effort kicked off in 1903 with a national contest to choose an architectural firm and style. The Boston firm of Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson submitted Gothic…

Photograph of Alexander Hamilton Bowman, United States Military Academy Class Album, 1861

Photograph of Alonzo H. Cushing, United States Military Academy Class Album, June 1861

Whipple_Bullrun Map_PlanNotes.jpg
Original pen drawing of the battlefield at Bull Run: Plan of Bull Run, 1861 July 21, to accompany the report of BG Irvin McDowell, prepared by Cpt. A.W. Whipple and Lt. H.L. Abbot, Topographical Engineers, Lt. H. Sputmann, and drawn by J.J. Young,…

Orlando Poe Collection0075 (1).jpg
View from rebel line just north of the Augusta, Georgia rail road looking south
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